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Exciting, different, imaginative, fun, beautiful

Much blood, sweat and tears go into creating new and original dance and a truly strong visual performance presence, but Womanjah members are happy to bleed for dance.

Womanjah troupe members are trained in Middle Eastern Bellydance, but they now take freely and embellish with all forms and dance styles. Nothing is sacred in the search for free and beautiful dance expression. Enticing rhythms combined with mystical themes and richly adorned costumes make Womanjah performances truly unique.

Womanjah has captivated audiences across Melbourne and beyond for the past 10 years. Grown from a small bellydance class the troupe has evolved into a ‘class’ act, with a wide repertoire of original choreographies.

Womanjah performs at a variety of festivals, gatherings and formal functions throughout Australia. The troupe has studied with some exceptional international master teachers, including Morocco, Aida Nour, Rachel Brice, Carolena Nericcio, Keti Sharif, Hossam Ramzy and Dr Mo Geddawi and continue to learn and work with some of our own local and much admired stars such as Melusina, Trisnasari and Jacqueline Peperkamp.

Womanjah supports OMEDA, and are members of APRA and PPCA.

Womanjah is also looking for new troupe members. Click here to find out more.

For information or bookings contact womanjah@gmail.com
Call Heather 0418 263 264 or Susan 0417 533 799


HeatherHEATHER, nicknamed Zulu many years ago, has been painting and designing all her life. Besotted by life’s patterns and rhythms, her interest was spiked when she started bellydancing. There it was, the patterns, the spirit of the earth, the layers of world music, the chance to turn her work that had been locked on canvas into a 3D rainbow of patterns, sounds, and movement. Besotted with the idea of layers of pattern and colour makes her textile work an integral part of the design and creation of Womanjah’s unique look. Zulu is a founding member of Womanjah.
KristiKRISTI began belly dancing in 2001 with a short course offered at the local university. One term turned into many years, plenty of fun and lifelong friendships! Kristi was invited to join Womanjah in 2008, where she has enjoyed the challenges of performing, choreographies and costumes. Kristi’s passion to stretch the boundaries has made her a much-valued choreographer for many of Womanjah’s performances.
Lih-ShanMAYA JADE (Lih-Shan) discovered the ancient art of belly dancing in early 2001 when she was exposed to the talents of an unknown singer/dancer from Columbia by the name of Shakira who was taking the world by storm by shimmying and singing her song ‘Whenever, Wherever’. Since then, Maya Jade has never looked back. She has been exploring and expanding her Middle Eastern dance techniques as well as immersing herself in other dance forms such as Bollywood, Latin American and Ballroom dancing.
Susan Prof pic.CSUSAN began learning belly dance in 2002. She began dancing as a form of alternative exercise and was soon swept up in the fun, excitement and celebration of learning and performing different styles of dance. Travelling to Cairo in 2006 was a highlight in Susan’s life. It was here she was able to study different forms of Egyptian dancing and Egyptian music with Keti Sharif. She enjoyed various workshops such as Egyptian Baladi with Ashraf Madhy and Modern Egyptian Cabaret with Liza El Laziza, in addition to completing Keti Sharif’s AstroBelly intensive dance workshops. Susan was invited to join Womanjah in 2007.
TariusSALOMÉ (Tarius) discovered Middle Eastern Dance in 1995 in Port Angeles, USA. Her teachers were four women who had such a love for the dance that they took on the task of teaching this novice. Their style was based on the Jamila Salimpour style which dominates the tone of American belly dance today and was one of the first taught in the USA. Before discovering belly dance she trained and performed in African dance, jazz and modern dance since childhood and this training infuses a unique style in her Middle Eastern dancing. She joined Womanjah when she settled in Melbourne in 2012.
WendyMiddle Eastern culture has been part of WENDY’S life since early childhood. She grew up in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne and her Middle Eastern friends introduced her to their food and lifestyle. This is where her interest in belly dancing was sparked. Wendy has been a member of Womanjah since its inception in 2005. It gives her an outlet for all her creative energy, an opportunity to explore different cultures, their costumes and dances, as well as expressing herself in the form of the costumes and dances Womanjah creates.

Guest and Support Talent

ShelleySHELLEY began dancing with Womanjah in 2014. She brings with her a massive range of dancing and music skills and is an energetic, enthusiastic and spirited dancer. She has performed at many festivals and belly dance events across Australia and has also participated in workshops and performances Internationally. Shelley brings new energy and a fresh face to the Womanjah troupe.
JeddaJEDDA discovered belly dance whilst living in North California. She is a part-time dancer with Womanjah.
KellyKEZIA (Kelly) has been an entertainer on the Mornington Peninsula for over 20 years. She has performed with some of Victoria’s best musical theatre companies such as CLOC, Whitehorse, MUMCO, SLAMS, Festival and Panorama. A talented trained singer, Kelly is now a graduate of the famous Berkley University of Music in USA. Kelly began belly dancing in 1999 and is a founding member of Womanjah.
KerryKERRY is now director and teacher of Two Bays Tribal. She is a guest dancer with Womanjah.
LieshaLIESHA started belly dancing in 2001 and learned West African drumming since 2007. While she no longer performs with Womanjah, she remains close with the girls and maintains the website and provides tech support as required.
RosemaryROSEMARY’S love of dancing has taken her to Cuba twice. She joined Womanjah in 2011 and is presently travelling overseas.
TracyTRACY originally joined Shukumisa with Kelly Garland as her teacher. She joined Womanjah in 2010 and is now a part-time dancer with Womanjah.